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Tina Scepanovic uses historical finishes on modern forms to transform everyday objects into art. By honoring methods that date back to the Renaissance, her practice seeks to preserve a dying art form and bring our awareness back to the human behind our things. Her work is guided by the aspiration to reclaim the intention and integrity of traditional artisanship, and informed through the perspectives of science, music, and design. Each piece is a unique meditation that undergoes up to fifty surface manipulations performed entirely by hand.


eggshells, neon lacquer.


10"W x 10"H x 3.5"Overall Depth


Art is only as comfortable as humans are, so best to avoid extremes in terms of temp, light, humidity, etc.

Furniture feet are included to stick onto the bottom corners of the pieces when hung so they sit flush against the wall. 

Pickup currently unavailable at 204 Walnut Street Unit C