We are excited to be kicking off our first #StateTop8 post this week! These posts are our creative “junk-drawer”… except the content is far from junk. It’s one place, one post, where we can throw all of our inspiration from that week: the fashion trends we’re drooling over, what products we stand behind, the music we’re listening to, and anything else that inspires us! 2020 is quickly coming to a close, and although it seems like really no one escaped the challenges that came with this year, we are looking back on it and finding gratitude in how it taught us, shaped us, and made us more inter-dependent on each other. So, in preparation for giving thanks, we’ve come up with our top 8 ways to bring a little extra joy around the table this year — we all deserve it!

1. Foraging.

“There’s no better break from cooking than foraging for table decor. I love getting outside, and it feels so very sweet prancing around with a woven basket. It’s a great way to bond with family, and it’s a carefree way to decorate”.

Mikaela Madsen, Junior Designer

2. Mood + Music.

Need to set a chill mood? Our inspiration for this playlist came from our Westerner boutique hotel project (Commons Building rendering above). We thought “what would be playing in the background while we sit by the fire sipping a cocktail?” The answer? Well, give it a listen! It’s a mix between nostalgic cooking classics, and easy-listening folk: Listen to Our Thanksgiving Playlist Here

3. Something Old

Decanters are a great way to add visual interest to your Holiday drink station. Etsy is a great online source to find inexpensive antique accessories– all from the comfort of your pajamas.

Trend to Table.

Monochrome is one our favorite ways to make a statement, and it’s a great way to keep the holiday drama ON the table! We suggest first purchasing a tableware set, and then finding a linen table cloth to match on Etsy.


Nothing beats the character and personalization of something handmade. Who is someone that was a rock for you this past year? A simple note could be a great way to encourage them.

6. Recipes

Looking for a way to make the Thanksgiving feast last until the morning after?

One of my favorite breakfast meals is inspired by the Sweet Potato Bacon Smash Up at local eatery Snooze. Take a previously baked sweet potato from dinner the night before, and re-heat it. Just add bacon and an egg over easy and it’s the perfectly balanced meal to start the day.

Laura Arledge, Designer + Founder

7. Games.

Pictionary Telephone is the BEST game to play after dinner while while making room for dessert. To play, each person will need a stack of blanks cards. They will start by writing a phrase and then passing it to the person next to them. This person has to draw a picture based on the phrase they read, and then they pass it the next person. The third person then writes a phrase based on the picture. This process continues until the cards get back to the beginning person. After, everyone shares with the group the original intent, and how it got mixed up along the way.

8. Wine.

2020 has been a year. Why not toss up the traditional white wine pairing and go for a red instead?

“My mom and I share the same favorite wine– a red called ‘Josh’. We joke that he’s our boyfriend on the side. Now that I’m married, I bring Dylan; but, Josh will always be my +1”.

Audrey Larson, Intern

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