Why hello there! It’s our first official blog post and we are excited to share with you some of the fun design stuff we’re working on, our favorite products (from hand-painted tiles to fashion finds), and some how-to’s along the way. We’re on the hunt daily for inspiration—whether it be online, magazines, traveling, or visiting local restaurants and coffee shops… and now we’re dishing on all of it. So grab some popcorn and cozy up because it’s about to get moody in here.

Since the end of summer, we’ve been pinning a lot of images with muted pinks, rusts, goldenrods and deep blues. The moody colors, emotional down-to-earth textures, and the natural contrast of warm sun and cool air (of course with warm coffee in hand!) are all natural sources of inspiration.

One timeless trend that gets us in the fall spirit are neutral collections of art. Woods, whites, and blacks never go out of style so finding a collection of pieces in these hues that tie in the soul and style of classic art with the modern use of a minimalistic color palette instantly adds wow-factor and value to a room.

jer brent table at Galerie Half.pngstacked statues.pngframed art insta gemaryWhat’s great about classical art in neutral tones is that it’s like a chameleon depending on the space it’s in—it fits a super modern space, a traditional or rustic space, or something more shabby-chic-ish.art800.pngSee how this gorgeous wall of muted vintage portraits even looks perfect in a farmhouse setting?cole moser photo800.pngIf you have an extra $400g’s lying around, you might check out this Henri Matisse:2011_NYR_02479_0202_000(henri_matisse_tete_de_femme)800.jpgOr, at a more affordable price point, check out this close-up:henri matisse 800.pngAnd lastly, we are inspired in a million ways by the craft that went into this .gif art.03-1-earth1Ok, with Halloween tomorrow, have we totally sunk you into the dark abysses with this moody post or what?! 😊 Give us a shout in the comments section.

sources in order: stacked statues; citizen of the world; curated cabinet; black art + table;  stacked statues; framed art; portrait + sculpture; farmhouse portraits; henri matisse 1; henri matisse 2; gif art

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